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The Dritech 100 bedding protection is a 100% waterproof, flame retardant bedding that is not only soft and comfortable but can also be easily cleaned. The Dritech 100 achieves 100% waterproof as the seams are not stitched but welded during production. The flame retardancy is achieved by the addition of a resin masterbatch which when ignited emits a fume which starves the flame of oxygen, thus inhibiting combustion. The fume is of a very low level meeting with Fire Officer approval. Dritech 100 is very soft and comfortable as well as not crackle or rustle. The Dritech 100 does not harden or crack even after frequent contact with urine as well as not stain or retain odour. The Dritech 100 can be easily and effectively cleaned using a cloth or sponge. To maintain sterility, disinfectants can be used. 100% Waterproof, Flame Retardant, Fastening: Velcro, Dimension (L x W): 66cm (26″) x 48cm (19″)